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"A tree listens to comets, planets, clusters and swarms.
It feels storms on the sun and cicadas on itself with the same care to watch. A tree is alliance between the near and the perfect far."

Being from Langhe means having an indissoluble link with the land, the vines and the wine, so it was natural to draw from our roots in viticulture since the early 900s with the purchase of land and vineyards.
A passion, a job that generation after generation has come into my hands, hoping to be able to preserve it and enhance it in full respect of nature.
Supporting the vines with gestures and attention, complicity and enthusiasm is a necessity that involves my whole family, in order to return the character of our land to Barbera, Barolo, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo, which are the spontaneous fruit of our actions and our instinctive inclination.
My Piedmontese accent, my wife's Spanish one, boys' Macedonian one, my children's shouts are mixed and released into the sky with hope and passion during each harvest, greeted by the trees and given back to those who are willing to know us.

Ferdinando Principiano

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